Malibu (Boo)

Boo is the Dam to any current puppies. She was born September 25th, 2016 in Wisconsin. She is liver spotted, brown spotted instead of black, and around 50 pounds.

Her favorite thing to do it run, and run, and run! Well my least favorite thing to do is run, so we compromised and bought Boo a UTV! She gets super excited anytime you grab the keys and ask her if she wants to go “run”. I have clocked her at 30 mph but she will run at a steady 25 mph for about a mile when I have to tell her to get in before she rips her paw pads. She would keep going if I let her! We have tried to use the puppy shoes but she runs so hard they fly right off.

Her second favorite thing to do is go to Grandma's house at the lake! We are not allowed to say the 'G-word' at home unless you want some real talkative pupperoonies. Boo talks to me anytime she is excited, hungry, or feeling demanding. She also loves going trail riding with the horses, swimming at Grandma's, and being the boss!

Boo is a fantastic mother even if she does not care to be when its nice outside and she could be doing other things, like run. When she does have puppies, she prefers the babies to be hidden while they are young. We discovered her baby swimming pool fits in a little kids pop-up tent. Now when we have puppies, she gets to "hide" in her tent so no one can see her puppies! She does not care if people handle her babies but is not super fond of the other dogs or cats being close by. Can you feel the sass with this one?

Boo and puppies Boo Grace and Devin

Boo and Captain in Side by side Boo at lake Boo and Mom on the hay

Boo's Puppy Tent