Mai Tai (Tai)

Tai is the sire to any current puppies. He was born April 30th, 2020 in Oklahoma. He is black spotted and LUA. Tai is 80 pounds of huge puppy! We joke around that he is just this "tiny little puppy!" Yes, you can imagine that in a ridiculously high pitched voice!

Tai's favorite thing to do is swim. He lives on lake front property with my mother (Grandma). They bought Tai and his sister, Violet, a paradise pad (shown below) so they can go float, play, swim, and wrestle in the water anytime they please. Tai gets super sad when winter hits here in Iowa and he can no longer swim ALL the time! Tai also howls out the dog door when his Mom is not home.

Tai is also still a puppy so he loves playing and wrestling with his sister and cousins (my dogs). He will play fetch for about 3 or 4 tosses before seeing a squirrel or sister tries to tackle him. I say tries because she is not even half his size so it sounds like she ran into a wall! We found out Tai has an obsession with random things he finds or his blankets. Tai found a dirty bucket in the lake one day and he carried it around for months until it finally died. He plays with his blankies daily and mom has to buy him new ones frequently!

Tai says he really just is a "tiny little puppy" and deserves all of the cuddles! He comes with a warning label where he has not quite figured out his size and may knock you over if you are not prepared for "tiny little puppy" zoomies. Also, his tail is a lethal weapon that will leave marks.

Tai Sitting Tai Blanket

Tai bucket Tai and his bucket